600+ Spam Trigger Words To Avoid in 2022

Spam Trigger Words 2020


Spam mails refer to the unsought emails sent to someone to advertise products or promote any brand or offer. If any spam mail is sent to you, it is automatically transferred to the spam box as they can sweep any important mail.

Here, the fact is how they sort out the spam mails!!

Spam filters are here to sort out the junk mails and remove it from your inbox. But, sometimes it happens that some important mails are also selected as junk.

Spam filters cross-check the mail-body with the list of spam trigger words and then choose the mail to mark as spam. So, to avoid this inconvenience, you just need to choose your words wisely to use in the mail; thus, it never gets into the spam box.

Spam Trigger Words

An important email can be remarked as spam only for using the wrong words. When you send any mail to your client, you must be aware of using spam trigger words.

In this article, we are giving you the list of 202 spam trigger words, which can be divided into six categories given here:

  • Manipulate
  • Needy
  • Sleazy
  • Cheap
  • Far-fetched
  • Shady

For now, you are probably thinking about the words which are included in these six categories! So, let’s not lengthen this thinking period.

Now, we are giving the complete list of the 202 words you must turn aside from your email subject line.

Manipulative Phrases And Words

As we described above, the manipulated words are those who create urgency. You may have any urgent information to pass to your client or your employee. For this reason, you may use any words to emphasize the importance of the mail, but spam filters always detect these words and mark your mail as spam.

Actually, you don’t need to assure the receiver about the urgency if it is really important. After reading the mail, the receiver will automatically evaluate your proposal if it is really urgent.

However, you should never use these spam trigger words in your mail:

  1. Act now
  2. Action
  3. Apply now
  4. Apply online
  5. Buy
  6. Buy direct
  7. Call
  8. Call now
  9. Click here
  10. Clearance
  11. Click here
  12. Do it today
  13. Don’t delete
  14. Drastically reduced
  15. Exclusive deal
  16. Expire
  17. Get
  18. Get it now
  19. Get started now
  20. Important information regarding
  21. Instant
  22. Limited time
  23. New customers only
  24. Now only
  25. Offer expires
  26. Once in a lifetime
  27. Order now
  28. Please read
  29. Special promotion
  30. Take action
  31. This won’t last
  32. Urgent
  33. While stocks last

Symbols & Numerals

0% risk
100% more
100% free
100% satisfied
50% off

Needy Phrases And Words

spam trigger word

Are you offering something to your client? Then, if it is really needed to them, they will be attracted by reading the subject line about your offer or service and explore the detailed info you wrote in the mail naturally.

In this case, there is no need to put any extra effort to convince them that it is the best offer. When you are offering something really valuable, people will be desperate to know about your offer; you won’t need to be desperate to know them.

Let’s know the spam trigger phrases and words to be avoided from our mail:

  1. 100%
  2. All-new
  3. Bargain
  4. Best price
  5. Bonus
  6. Email marketing
  7. Freee
  8. For instant access
  9. Free gift
  10. Free trial
  11. Have you been turned down?
  12. Great offer
  13. Join millions of Americans
  14. Incredible deal
  15. Prize
  16. Satisfaction guaranteed
  17. Will not believe your eyes

Sleazy Phrases And Words

Sleazy Phrase
Choosing an appropriate subject line for your mail is very important because it depends on whether the receiver will open it. But when you use any pushing word in your subject line, it can never create a good impression.

Besides, by using any pushing spam trigger words, your mail can be marked as spam, whether it can be about a serious issue. So making sure that you are not using any of these sleazy words is a must; thus, receivers may feel like you are creating pressure on them.

The sleazy spam trigger phrases and words are listed below:

  1. As seen on
  2. Click here
  3. Click below
  4. Deal
  5. Direct email
  6. Direct marketing
  7. Do it today
  8. Order now
  9. Order today
  10. Unlimited
  11. What are you waiting for?
  12. Visit our website

Cheap Phrases And Words

Cheap Phrases

How much easy something is to get that much valueless the thing is. While the world is running towards betterment by working hard, then no one will accept your cheap proposal. Such mails are counted as spam.

You should always avoid such words which that will create a cheap impression and be marked s spam. Let’s know the spam trigger words that we should avoid; thus, we never lose our value:

  1. Acceptance
  2. Access
  3. Avoid bankruptcy
  4. Boss
  5. Cancel
  6. Card accepted
  7. Certified
  8. Cheap
  9. Compare
  10. Compare rates
  11. Congratulations
  12. Credit card offers
  13. Cures
  14. Credit card offers
  15. Cures
  16. Dear [personalization variable]
  17. Dear friend
  18. Drastically reduced
  19. Easy terms
  20. Free grant money
  21. Free hosting
  22. Free info
  23. Free membership
  24. Friend
  25. Get out of debt
  26. Giving away
  27. Guarantee
  28. Guaranteed
  29. Have you been turned down?
  30. Hello
  31. Information you requested
  32. Join millions
  33. No age restrictions
  34. No catch
  35. No experience
  36. No obligation
  37. No purchase necessary
  38. No purchase necessary
  39. No questions asked
  40. No strings attached
  41. Offer
  42. Opportunity
  43. Save big
  44. Winner
  45. Winning
  46. Won
  47. You are a winner!
  48. You’ve been selected!

Far-Fetched Phrases And Words

Far-Fetched Phrases

If you describe something to get “Overnight” or mention something to be done “while you sleep,” such words lead your mail receiver not to believe you even think you a scammer.

Every one of these worlds knows that today’s world is not so easy. While you will use such phrases or words in your mail, it is clearly mentioned that your offer is fake. Email spam filters never want to bother their client by showing such emails in their inbox. So, by using such words in your mail, your mail will catch as spam.

Let’s know what the words are:

  1. Additional income
  2. All-natural
  3. Amazing
  4. Be your own boss
  5. Big bucks
  6. Billion
  7. Billion dollars
  8. Cash
  9. Cash bonus
  10. Consolidate debt and credit
  11. Consolidate your debt
  12. Double your income
  13. Earn
  14. Earn cash
  15. Earn extra cash
  16. Eliminate bad credit
  17. Eliminate debt
  18. Extra
  19. Fantastic deal
  20. Financial freedom
  21. Financially independent
  22. Free investment
  23. Free money
  24. Get paid
  25. Home
  26. Home-based
  27. Income
  28. Increase sales
  29. Increase traffic
  30. Lose
  31. Lose weight
  32. Money back
  33. No catch
  34. No fees
  35. No hidden costs
  36. No strings attached
  37. Potential earnings
  38. Pure profit
  39. Removes wrinkles
  40. Reverses aging
  41. Risk-free
  42. Serious cash
  43. Stop snoring
  44. Vacation
  45. Vacation offers
  46. Weekend getaway
  47. Weight loss
  48. While you sleep
  49. Work from home

Shady Phrases And Words

Shady Phrases

There are many umbrageous people in the world always trying to make their own benefit from wide-eyed people. If email spam filters find any words in your mail; thus, it seems your intention is not good; it will mark your mail as spam.

Have a look at the following words and use these cautiously; thus, your mail will not be questionable ethically or legally.

  1. Addresses
  2. Beneficiary
  3. Billing
  4. Casino
  5. Celebrity
  6. Collect child support
  7. Copy DVDs
  8. Fast viagra delivery
  9. Hidden
  10. Human growth hormone
  11. In accordance with laws
  12. Investment
  13. Junk
  14. Legal
  15. Life insurance
  16. Loan
  17. Lottery
  18. Luxury car
  19. Medicine
  20. Meet singles
  21. Message contains
  22. Miracle
  23. Money
  24. Multi-level marketing
  25. Nigerian
  26. Offshore
  27. Online degree
  28. Online pharmacy
  29. Passwords
  30. Refinance
  31. Request
  32. Rolex
  33. Score
  34. Social security number
  35. Spam
  36. This isn’t spam
  37. Undisclosed recipient
  38. University diplomas
  39. Unsecured credit
  40. Unsolicited
  41. US dollars
  42. Valium
  43. Viagra
  44. Vicodin
  45. Warranty
  46. Xanax

Wrapping Up!

Email validation dashbord

When you are working for any industry, you may need to send several emails to your clients to let them know about your service, products, or any offers you are providing. The words we described above can be prevalent to use, but you always need to be aware of using these words in your mail’s subject line.

There are many companies providing bulk email verification software service; you can contact with such companies to ease your email related queries. I suggest Email List Validation to be one of the best email list validation service provider companies who will check your mail thoroughly and verify it. They will also serve you the best solution for any kind of query about email.

As you know now, by using any of the spam trigger words, your mail will mark as spam, and your subscriber will not have the mail and even won’t know about it.

So, be creative and wise in choosing your words for your mail and never caught by the email spam filter.






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