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  • Top Five Email Automation Workflows 2022

    Email marketing is the only progressing industry that has the potential of generating higher profit. For every $1, the average return on investment in email marketing is 38 dollars. You will be missing out on a lot if you are still not aware of the wonders of email automation. The only motive of successful email […]

  • How to use interactive elements in automated emails

    Since it came in the context of the email marketing landscape, it has become the hottest topic today. It is a design element that is now compulsory for brands seeking attention. The reason- the addition of interactive elements in automated emails delights subscribers. It also levels up click rates and boosts conversions. An average consumer […]

  • Why Email Newsletters Are the Best Marketing Tool?

    Are Email Newsletters An Effective Marketing Tool For Your Business? Newsletters are easily one of the high rated common types of emails to generate, and one always needs to work on them in the right way to earn high rates and conversions. If you are an expert in the art of accomplishing the job with […]

  • 5 tips for email landing pages to convert 2022

    Get conversations in 5 steps from email to landing page A digital marketer today spends hours planning their new engagement strategy. Type and number of social posts? Starting a new email journey? Even ads to increase traffic! The ultimate objective of any marketing movement is to invite action. As soon as a customer clicks on […]

  • Tips to deal with usual email marketing mistakes!

    Tips to deal with usual email marketing mistakes! Being an email marketer, it’s necessary to be conscious about the mistakes that might occur anytime. There are not one but many possibilities of such circumstances. Be it mistakes in spelling, links get broken, or insufficient settings, even an expert marketer can anytime go wrong. This is […]

  • Examples of best and worst email sign-offs

    Email sign-offs: some examples of best and worst email sign-offs Before I start, let me tell you something. When I was a newbie with the email marketing business, I sent my emails with the same sign off thank you or sometimes without even a sign-off. At that time, I did not come to comprehend that […]

  • How to Unsend an Already-Send Email?

    Email is the most popular medium of written communication in our professional life. A perfect mail will express our professionalism to clients. What if you notice any information is missing or any spelling mistake after you pressed the send button!! Isn’t it a terrible thing? You may start sweating and hoping for a negative reply […]

  • 4 Steps to Warm Your Email List

    4 Steps to Warm your Email List to get Successful Holiday Session We were never meant to live life like today. Pandemic has changed our lifestyles and made us aware a lot. It had greatly affected Cyber Weekends. Globally, research shows that around 60% of people believe that international cooperation would have reduced the cases. […]

  • Best Ways To Improve Email Deliverability

    Steps to be taken in action to improve the performance of email deliverability You have given so much time in the email marketing business but cannot generate income from it? You and your team have created the well-crafted message, used the best template, and sign off, still not getting a bunch of customers? Frustrating, right? […]

  • Best Email Newsletter Examples

    Best Email Newsletter Examples Which People Will Actually Read   Are you thinking about building an email newsletter? Probably because someone suggested you to launch an email newsletter for your marketing business. No worries because this blog is for you and millions of other people engaged with the email marketing business. It does not matter […]