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  • Fix The MailChimp Omnivore Warning

    Overcoming the MailChimp Omnivore warning MailChimp is among the top Email Service Providers (ESPs) worldwide. They send over fifteen billion emails monthly. Omnivore is MailChimp’s abuse prevention system and the most effective abuse prevention system in the world. MailChimp has widely been cited as the topmost contender in terms of best emailing practices. Omnivore has […]

  • 11 Best Email Verification Services in 2022

    If your business deals with a lot of emails and you use this channel for marketing, you will need an email verification tool to get the most bang for your buck. These tools ensure that your emails are sent to real addresses. Users build their email lists within these tools and rely on their features […]

  • The Best Email Health Checkup

    Email is one of those inventions that have been quite a game changer in terms of marketing. Email marketing is now in the strategy list of every company or business houses. The sales group of an organization works really hard, spending their quality time and at the same time investing money to generate leads. These […]

  • The Best Lead Generation Tools For 2020

    All You Need To Know About The Best Lead Generation Tools For 2020 Lead Generation is the backbone for your customer base and one of the most focused areas for business houses. It is also a great challenge for marketers in the current day world. Also the fact, Google has now saturated its lead magnet […]

  • 11 Expert Predictions About AI You Should Know

    AI will have a huge influence on marketing in the coming decade. We talked to expert marketers, and they shared their private predictions with us. These forecasts are sweeping and transformative. For example, one expert guessed PR tools will find targeted prospects and pitch to them automatically.

  • Working Within the Limitations of MailChimp’s HTML

    Working Within the Limitations of MailChimp’s HTML One of the biggest worries during email campaigns is whether everything is appropriately displayed on the receiving end. An email message that fails to display when received correctly is a wasted effort and a stain on the reputation of the brand that it’s trying to promote. In most […]

  • How to Avoid Mailchimp’s Omnivore Warning

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true when it comes to Mailchimp’s Omnivore warning. Yet, many businesses can’t prevent suspensions because they don’t understand Omnivore’s algorithm. Omnivore is heuristical. In other words, it’s not 100% accurate. The software has a lot more false positives than you’d think.

  • How to Get Around Mailchimp’s Omnivore Error

    MailChimp sends over one billion emails every day. They have over 14 million customers. MailChimp has 500 employees. They have customers in over 200 countries. The Atlanta-based company is the arguably most famous email service provider (ESP) in the world. Coincidentally, their abuse prevention system, Omnivore, is definitely the most famous email

  • Is Email Verification Software Worth The Money ?

    Does email verification software work? Can my business get good email verification software for free? These are the two most common questions that businesses have about bulk email verification software. This post will answer these two questions and more. Let’s jump into it. Is paid email verification software worth the money or not?

  • 6 Insanely Actionable Ways to Grow Email List With Twitter

    Email marketing has an amazing 3800% ROI.  That’s true. Yet, there’s one problem. Email marketing typically doesn’t attract new traffic to your business. Hubspot opines that 65% of businesses say that getting traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge. Fortunately, Twitter can be used to grow your email list. The platform has 330 million monthly active users

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