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  • 13 Mind-Blowing Facts About Email Verification

    Increasing the bad emails on your list by a mere 1% can drop your deliverability by 10%. It’s true. Fact is stranger than fiction in the world of email marketing. That email stat above is mind-bending, yet it’s also encouraging in a way. Neil Armstrong famously said, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. The same is true for your list.

  • 12 Key Benefits of Email Verification Software

    It’s astonishing how email marketing routs social media when it comes to clicks. According to Mailbird, you’re 6 times more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than a tweet. Email just works so well for businesses. That’s why email verification software is so valuable. It’s the fastest and easiest way to optimize…

  • A Sendgrid Suspension Survival Guide

    Have you received a warning, suspension, deactivation, or ban notice from Sendgrid? Getting one of these notices is frustrating. This article will explain how to fix your Sendgrid suspension. Additionally, it will also reveal other useful facts. This article explains the difference between Sendgrid warnings, suspensions, deactivations, and bans.

  • 9 Expert Marketers Share Their Private Thoughts on the GDPR

    Any company that collects data on residents of the European Union must follow The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The old digital privacy laws were patchwork in nature. The GDPR is sweeping, redefining privacy laws with one overarching set of rules. These rules are more consumer-friendly than the old…

  • How To Boost Your Affiliates With Email Marketing

    When you want to create passive income that keeps earning whilst you focus on what you want to in life, nothing is as effective as building your own personal network of affiliate sites. The only question when it comes to directing people to your links is: “How to do it?” Let’s take a look at this key question, and discuss the

  • How to Conquer MailChimp Opt-In Issues

    As many of will have no doubt seen by now MailChimp recently made some major changes to some of their key settings. This has created a whole host of issues for email marketers whose carefully crafted campaigns now need to be modified. Let’s take a look at  what the changes mean for you, and how can fix them with a few simple clicks.

  • Top 5 Reasons You Should Clean That Email List

    Does it matter to clean that email list before you send that next campaign? Is it that important? The quality of your email list matters a lot as sending emails to a less quality list might lead to your email platform penalizing you. The next question you probably might want to ask is what

  • 12 Easy Email Design Hacks To Increase Your Conversions

    Have you heard the famous Steve Jobs quote about design? He uttered a classic quip in a 2003 New York Times Article. The late founder of Apple stated, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” The quote teaches an important lesson. A beautiful design is nothing without

  • The 10 Email Marketing Tools We Use To Get Emails Done!

    I remember how 10 years ago I was fascinated by companies like 37Signals, PayPal and Salesforce. I researched how their onboarding process worked, what they were doing to keep people engaged and which email marketing tools they used in their campaigns. As a young product marketing guy, all I wanted was

  • 11 Questions You Should Ask Before Using Mailchimp

    Is Mailchimp Top Banana? Mailchimp gets a healthy dose of positive publicity. PCMag says it’s an “excellent starter service.”  Top Ten Reviews says they are “one of the best email marketing services available.” Are these reasonable claims? Let’s take a look. Here are 11 modish questions about Mailchimp.

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