email validation

Have you tested the email you plan to send? Does it produce quality results on all devices with nice visuals and working links? If so, you probably think it’s good to go.

At this point, you press “send,” believing engagement will be what you expect and more.

However, as you begin to see results and conduct an analysis of each email, something unexpected grabs your attention – the high rate of bounces you are getting. Why are so many of your contacts invalid?

According to one study, 2.1% of all the B2B contacts you have become obsolete each month. This is disheartening for many companies.

You may wonder why you should care, though.

The fact is, no company wants to spend money on emails that wind up nowhere. Every time a bounce occurs, you are wasting your email marketing budget. It also impacts your sender reputation and results in real subscribers missing out on the emails you send.

Also, when this happens, more of your campaigns land in spam folders and, eventually, may not even make it to your customer’s inboxes.

Put simply, if you have subpar delivery rates, it will cause lower inbox placement, resulting in minimal open rates and conversions.

While your email content may be amazing, you have to ensure the list you are using is in good shape, too. Some tips that will help you with this goal can be found here.
It is possible to remove all invalid email addresses in real-time or in bulk if you use an email validation API. You will find several options for this available online.

Weed Out the Invalid Contacts on Your List

The industry benchmark for bounce rates is two percent. If yours exceeds this, then email deliverability is at risk.

You can simply activate Email List Validation tool and begin to check all the email contacts you have automatically.

A benefit of this is that when you know the email database you are using is clean, you don’t have to worry about the bounce rate. Instead, you can focus more on creating the quality content that email receivers want, increasing your open rates.

Remove Abuse Emails

Along with bounces, another type of email address may impact your sender’s reputation and result in these emails being sent to the spam folder. Usually, abuse emails belong to the so-called complainers. These are the people who make a habit of marking emails as spam.

A benefit of a good email verification service is that these emails can be detected, allowing you to eliminate them from your list. Also, with the right tool, you can keep abuse emails from making it onto your list, to begin with. With the email verification AIP, the abuse emails are weeded out automatically, which ensures your messages are not marked as spam, and so you can keep a good reputation as a sender.

Eliminate Spam Traps

If you have a high-performing email list, it means it is free from any type of spam trap. Sometimes, this is difficult for some marketers because of the form of these email addresses. A spam trap is designed to catch spammers, and they do not belong to any real person. If you email to spam traps, you are going to ruin your reputation.

Even though it is not possible to find all spam traps, some can be found, and it is a good idea to use an email verifier to determine if you have any on your list. After you have validated your list, remove any potentially risky contacts. By doing this, you can build a healthier database and increase the likelihood of reaching your customers.

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Eliminate Role-Based Emails

If you have email addresses that begin with [email protected] or [email protected], it is good to eliminate them. Their sales and marketing value is minimal. Also, these email boxes will receive a lot of mail, so the likelihood of yours being opened is low. Email validation acts as the first line of defense ensuring accuracy for both your new and existing email lists.

If you want to improve your email marketing efforts, be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind. By taking these steps, you can improve the results you achieve with your email marketing campaigns. Being informed is the best way to ensure your email marketing efforts are effective.