How To Boost Your Affiliates With Email Marketing

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How To Boost Your Affiliates With Email Marketing

When you want to create passive income that keeps earning whilst you focus on what you want to in life, nothing is as effective as building your own personal network of affiliate sites. The only question when it comes to directing people to your links is: “How to do it?” Let’s take a look at this key question, and discuss the hacks that you need to implement to take your affiliate efforts to the next level.

What are my options?

A successful affiliate marketer uses a combination of these three techniques: Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and email marketing. The balance you strike is up to you, but the numbers show that email marketing has a level of effectiveness that cannot be matched by either SEO, or PPC.

Why is email marketing so effective?

The fascinating thing about email marketing is that despite ‘experts’ predicting its decline for years now, it still remains the most effective way to expand your marketing efforts and reach new customers. With a clean email list at your disposal you’ll be able to personally connect with a seemingly unlimited audience of potential customers and new leads. This puts the power to increase the reach of your affiliate links in your own hands, and not reliant on search engine companies changing rankings or browsers clicking on your ads.

What are the issues with PPC?

PPC experts will tell you that you can personally target your ideal customer, but have you ever become frustrated by those pop up ads in your browser and blocked them? That is exactly the problem with PPC marketing: people find it annoying. Email marketing doesn’t suffer from this problem because it allows you to send a message to anyone in the world that they can open at their convenience.

What are the issues with SEO?

SEO is extremely expensive if you want to compete with the major players in each market sector. If you’re not on the first page of Google then you may as well not bother and spend your money on something else. If you choose to divert that monthly spend to email marketing you can appear right at the top of any inbox in the world, provided you use an effective email address checker to make sure you’re contacting active accounts.

How do I build an email marketing campaign?

Many ‘experts’ will tell you that the first thing you need to do is a hire a copywriter to create engaging emails that entice the people you’re emailing. This isn’t the full story however because you first need to build a list of emails that you can work with.

The secret here is to concentrate on quality, not quantity. Having 300,000 new addresses added each month may be good for your ego, but have you used an email verification service to check how many of your new entries are genuine? This is where a rigorous email verifier really becomes invaluable to your affiliate efforts by allowing you to save countless amounts of time, money, and effort contacting dead or inactive accounts.

Time to get rid of the dead accounts

There are so many reasons an email address that makes its way onto a list can be worthless to your affiliate efforts: Inactive, non existent, duplicated, used for spam and generating fake news, and many more. Fortunately cleaning up your list so that you can boost your affiliate efforts is quite simple when you use email list validation services that check all the details for you. It may seem like a job that can always wait for another day, but think of it like this: if you were delivering leaflets would you spend money on printing and then throw half of them in the trash at the start of each day? Absolutely not, but that’s what’s happening to your affiliate program when you decide not to use an email verification service.

It’s time to use our #1 affiliate marketing hack: build a clean list of verified email addresses.

If you would like further help or information about how to build a clean email list by using email verification, feel free to get in touch with us.