Tips to deal with usual email marketing mistakes!

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Being an email marketer, it’s necessary to be conscious about the mistakes that might occur anytime. There are not one but many possibilities of such circumstances. Be it mistakes in spelling, links get broken, or insufficient settings, even an expert marketer can anytime go wrong.

This is why many marketers, even after years of experience, suffer knee knocks in fear. This usually happens while in a campaign, thinking of the correctness of their content before clicking on the “Send” button.

Mistakes are inevitable. No one can avoid it. So the duty is to learn about how we can move on with it. Let’s look at some moments where the user felt like “oops”, some real-life experiences.

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Common mistakes in email marketing

It is important to learn from mistakes one by one, specifically. In this way, the work stays arranged, handy and clean. Explore what are the Do’s in case of different mistakes :

Sometimes links get corrupted or do not reach the desired destination. It seems to be a quite common problem but can cost some value if it’s not attended in time.

It is essential to send the duplicate mail before delivering the main campaign. It provides users a chance to examine all the elements in the email content, from the subject topic to CTA buttons and of course, the links.

Have a habit of checking on every link in the test email to check that the links take where it is intended to.

Note: If you are a campaign monitor customer then you can understand, that your campaign can face a broken link. Then only the support team can rectify this backend. Hence it will not affect the non-visitors.

CycleSurgery decided to send an email to its followers who had clicked on their email before, that had a broken link.

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When email marketing mistakes happen

Technical difficulties on the website:

Technical troubles are one of the most possible reasons for delivering an apology email, especially used by eCommerce companies. This can sometimes be a problem that’s occurred never before! A website can always go down because of an increase in traffic, or technical issues.

In this case, try to get back to the subscribers as soon as the website is back normal and running.

Sometimes the Park Seed can face similar issues. Especially they face it when it levels up the website and delivers the subscribers a 20% discount. They use a promo code like “All is Good”.

Incorrect segment

Subscribers can get puzzled if they get an email with a segment which was not supposed to be there. This can be harmful to the organization.

Shutterfly once delivered an email to its whole team of subscribers, wishing them happiness on their newborn babies.

The topic being quite sensitive, was taken up by the media and discussed for a long time on Twitter and Facebook.

Shutterfly also reacts to this blunder by giving an email from the chief marketing officer. They notify the subscribers about the circumstances and they also offer them to email the body.

Sending the incorrect version of an email

Brands make more than one version of an email, that is different in layout, intending to send one version depending on the verdict of a contest, event, or poll. But we can see a problem of wrong email format being sent, mostly in new years.

This sometimes proves to be a high profile and potentially destructive blunder to commit, depending on the content of the email. The remedy is nothing different than sending an apology letter to those affected by this as soon as it comes to notice.

The Cal Bears shop did these mistakes when they sent the email for celebrating the victory. Also, they offer a discount at the end of the game. However, the other team came and won 49 to 45.

Cal gave an apology and promised the discount which is still valid.

Strategy for the mistakes

There’s no use reacting after a mistake has happened. Also, it’s best to keep a plan in the hand, in case something goes wrong. This will enable them to act swiftly and in a composed manner if trouble sets in.

Email mistake response checklist

After apologizing for a mistake, it’s necessary to get back to normal business. Find the easiest checklist on the internet which you can follow after a mistake is considered.

Healing from a blunder needs a composed mind and walking the proper and right steps. This checklist will aid in both.

1.Note down the content of all the potential problems

Before getting forward and trying to rectify the conditions, the first thing that’s needed to be done is list down all the potential wrongs that might happen in the drafted email campaign. Doing this will help in getting aid to keep the situation in control and correct every blunder in a composed and professional way. Write down each mistake, whether it’s typing errors in the subject line, corrupt links, incorrect tagging, slow website, or wrong segment.

2. Determine what are the issues that need a response

Marketers are humans too and that means, mistakes are inevitable and would be found in a campaign sometimes. However, not every mistake is asking for a response, as some could be fixed without paying any attention to them. Others, like spelling errors, don’t even need to be noticed (unless it’s too big an error).

Once mistakes have been noted for a campaign, be specific on the ones needing a response. These are the errors that have the potential to harm a brand or reduce the content value, and thus decrease conversions. For example, sending a wrong email, to a segment and not including a call to action must warrant rectification.

3. Determine the plans to attend to each of the more glaring mistakes

It’s usual for anybody to get into a puzzled stage when a mistake is discovered in the email marketing campaign. Hence, you should take a moment to identify the mistakes. It might be sending a follow-up email, apologizing on social media channels, sending a physical apology letter in offline mode, or doing all of the above! Setting proper response times with the marketing team is necessary and it must be made sure that everyone is familiar with the plan. Failure in this will result in more blunders, due to a lack of cooperation.

4. Get agreement

Getting a nod from the boss often eases the team to carry on with a plan to rectify a mistake. Every response is transparent, nothing slips beneath the eyes that might creep in with problems in the future. Team working together can always ward off mistakes effectively – be it common ones or the ones never heard of before.

5. Sketching the approach of an apology email

Correction of an email campaign that has gone wrong requires quite a lot of creativity more than what was required for the original email. The reason for this is that there are two aims now :

  • Regain confidence of the audience.
  • Achieve the desired results from the original campaign.

Think of the solution with the marketing team and bring up the best possible approach. A well planned and executed apology can help a campaign run smoothly like everything had become normal again from the beginning.

6. Create an apology email template

It is recommended to have an email template for an emergency. It’ll save the team from rushing all around when it is needed to send out an apology email, specifically if it’s a time-sensitive campaign. One template can be for light-hearted errors that might not need much of a hearing, with a small incentive and another for more serious mistakes.

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Make sure there’s an email template in the arsenal before anything hits the fan. Start with an apology email template presented by us and drop the brand in it to make it a great delivery every time.

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Wrapping up

One must plan for the occurring mistakes, no matter how rare they may be. It is an important factor for making a strong marketing plan. It’s also essential, once in a while, to run attempts. Specially it’s required where a mock situation is created and is acted accordingly, to train the team to the situation.

Some marketing mistakes are easy to spot, while others are quite tough. To make campaigns free from mistakes, it must be ensured to check out our article that magnifies the top mistakes in email marketing that one must stop making.