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Why verify your email list?

Increase deliverability

ISPs keep a tab on your deliverability. If your emails trigger spam traps frequently, you end up in their bad book. Results? Your emails would fail to get delivered and would end up in spam folders. A small bounce rate of 5% can hamper your deliverability. If you clean up your email lists beforehand, you can evade almost all honeypots and spam traps. You won’t have to worry about inbox placement ever again.

Protect your Sender Reputation

ISPs assign a score to any business that sends emails. It’s called the Sender Reputation score. When you have a good score, ISPs make sure your emails reach right inboxes. However, if you have a high bounce rate, your sender reputation crashes. Low Sender Reputation means less deliverability. In the worst-case scenario, ISPs can blacklist you and refuse to deliver emails. By verifying email lists, you can avoid hard bounces which in turn keeps your Sender Reputation high.

Reclaim missed opportunities

A website visitor might make a small syntax error while submitting his email address. If you don’t verify it, you would lose a potential lead. Let Emaillistvaliation spot that error and prompt your customer to enter the right address. You would save a customer and keep your list clean without spending a single penny.

Save Money

Every email costs you money. By weeding out invalid, expired and unused email using Email List Validation, you save a lot of money which you can reinvest later.

Why Choose Email List Validation

Excellent performance

With Email List Validation you get unmatched 99% accuracy. Once you verify the list, you are guaranteed to reach the right inboxes. Big or small-- our powerful algorithms cast a spell on lists of all sizes and get rid of invalid, unused and hard bounce emails in no time. And yes, we ensure 99.99% uptime.


We protect your data with AES 256 encryption. To add another layer of security, we ensure that only a few individuals with special permission can have access to your data. We are also GDPR compliant and maintain strict data usage and breach policy.

Expertise and support

Our highly trained international team is always ready to help. Feel free to ask any technical or non-technical questions you may have. Enterprise customers get dedicated engineers and managers who help the customers with their specific needs.

Flexible pricing

We follow a persistence credit plan. In simpler terms, your credits don’t expire. You can continue using those as long as you want until you use up all of your credits. Purchase only when you feel right. No monthly recurring billing.


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