99% accurate email verification on autopilot

Email marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% per year. Connect your CRM with Email List Validation to get your lists verified on a regular basis automatically. No matter whom and when you send emails, your email will reach the right recipient everytime.


How it works

Step 1

Connect to your CRM or email marketing platform using Email List Validation integration. Once connected, the dataflow between your CRM and Email List Validation dashboard becomes a cakewalk.

Step 2

Email List Validation automatically imports lists from CRMs through integration, verifies and exports back. This process is repeated almost daily so that if any entry of your list no longer remains valid , it get dropped immediately.

Peep into our toolbox

Email duplication

Removes any duplicate email you may have in your records.

Spam trap removal

Gets rid of any sketchy emails that could be a Spam trap.

Risk validator

Scans for high-risk keywords and Shady TLDs.

MTA validations

Checks whether a Mail Transfer Agent has a valid MX record.

Domain Validation

Removes all emails containing invalid domains.

Complainers verify

Eliminates all email addresses matching our Complainer Database.

Syntax verifier

Checks for any invalid syntaxes and immediately removes them.

Real-time bouncing

Sends untraceable emails to any address which can’t be validated using other methods.

Disposable email checker

Identifies free email accounts that are for masking real email addresses.

Team account

Allows you to add your team members and collaborate while consuming the same source of credits.

Anti-greylisting tech

Waits for some time and tries to validate those specific emails if encountered greylisting. In other words, fewer emails would be marked as “ unknown” in your final list.

Selectable download

Allows you to download only the results you need.

Powerful, simple,
fast Email Verification Service