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Check if your emails will reach the inbox or land in the spam folder.

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Accurately measure campaign performance to ensure more messages reach the inbox.

Email Service Providers (ESPs) can tell if your email was delivered, but they cannot tell if your message ended up in your inbox, or spam folder, or was lost. Our robust email list verification solution gives your insight into this key metric so you can accurately measure your email performance, identify problem areas, and troubleshoot issues that are preventing you from reaching your audience. Email checker provides reliable inbox placement metrics and a true analysis of your email performance.

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Maximize deliverability by focusing on the mailbox providers that matter most to your campaigns.

Inbox placement results are weighted based on mailing list composition. Because of this, placement analytics accurately reflect the audience you are sending to. This allows you to quickly diagnose and prioritize problem areas that have the greatest impact on your email performance. These personalized results lead to safe, strategic decisions that improve email deliverability and reach more people, providing you with the best email verification service.

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Comparing your performance against other senders.

Benchmark your placement metrics to other senders to see if your performance is poor or strong. Understand if a mailbox provider's low or declining ranking metric is program-specific or impacts all senders. Drill down into individual mailbox providers for detailed comparisons and understand trends over time. This allows you to diagnose the cause of placement problems and fix them quickly.

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