Reach more people by preserving your sender reputation

Mailbox providers use sender reputation to measure the authenticity of your emails and influence the likelihood that your emails will be delivered and placed in the inbox.

Not sure whether your reputation qualifies and has nothing to do with the spammer status? Email List Validation has the email blacklist check tool to help you control your credibility and work towards reaching the intended audience.

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Avoid spam traps that damage your reputation

Visibility into spam trap volume is critical to identifying problem areas and maintaining a strong reputation. Our email blacklist monitoring service covers the largest public trap network, giving you a comprehensive view of spam trap volumes and how they are impacting your credibility. Identify the age and type of traps encountered and view trends over time to diagnose problems that damage your reputation and prevent you from reaching your recipients.

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Prevent serious damage, respond quickly to blocklistings

If an email blacklist check reveals your IP or domain is added to a blocklist, the performance of your campaign will suffer greatly. With hundreds of blocklists covered, Email List Validation assists you in staying on top of listings, analyzing the impact, and determining how to resolve the underlying problem. Our solution monitors several blocklist operators and alerts you in real time when a listing occurs, allowing you to focus on the listings that have the most impact on your campaign while reducing noise from those that don’t. Keep our email blacklist lookup tool at hand and respond quickly to listings to determine the root cause, request removal, and resolve the underlying issue so you can avoid listings in the future and ensure your messages reach their intended recipients.

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Why should you keep an eye on your spammer status?

Regular email domain blacklist checks give insight into how to create emails that are delivered to the primary inbox.

Predict where emails will land

Important email metrics such as open rates are influenced by whether emails are delivered to the inbox, spam folder, or are rejected.

Investigate where emails appear in Gmail

Determine whether your emails appear in the subscriber’s inbox under the Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, or Forums tabs.

Optimize emails for deliverability

Check if your email is spam-listed and get inbox reports to make the necessary changes to your emails so that you can reach the desired inbox folder.

A listing is not a death sentence

Having a blocklist record doesn’t mean you are banned from speaking with your recipients for good. If a listing is red-flagged during a real-time email address blacklist check, there are practical steps you can take for redemption.

Pinpoint the reasons behind your tarnished sender reputation with Email List Validation and go straight to a blacklisting service to request the removal of your IP or domain manually. Most services will green-light this action should you prove you’ve made changes to ensure compliance.

If manual requests are of no avail, access guidance from a blocklist operator following a comprehensive email address spam list check with our system. This will amplify your chances of a successful resolution.

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