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Is there always a way spam traps pierce through your database? With our email validator API, you can enjoy all the benefits of accurate, automated, and real-time checks of suspicious characters and signup attempts on any of your platforms. Validate emails, spot fake contacts, and get rid of them before they reach your list – all with one tool!

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Connect with real people with real-time email validation API

If you are swamped with hundreds of shady inquiries, it’s time to use preemptive solutions. Leave this task to Email List Validation. With our customized API, you can:

  • Monitor whatever gets typed without permanent supervision
  • Spot typos in emails and suggest corrections
  • Collect only genuine contacts
  • Thwart fake registration attempts
  • Ban bots and fake profiles on the spot

Our API algorithms swiftly go through all integrated platforms. They immediately spot suspicious users so you can get back to them to correct or provide other information before approving their inquiries. If there’s a misspelling in the lead’s address, our API will catch it and suggest fixing it. Plus, stay in the loop about the domains your leads use.

Our email validation API works like a charm across browsers and applications. It’s compatible with the commercial software you use and standard web protocols.

Things to love about our real-time email verification API

Our API is a must-have for individuals and agencies who handle many or massive email send-outs daily. Save your time and reduce workload by letting one tool automatically sift the inputs.

Compared to Email List Validation’s dashboard, you put zero effort into email check – our API does the job on the spot.

Exceptional accuracy

All characters are inspected as they are entered, meaning our algorithms can immediately recognize an invalid domain, spam content, and other signs of hard bounces. These issues can’t pass our API’s protective layers in 99% of cases.

Custom functions

Adjust our email checker API according to your needs and input types. Modify it to detect nonsense letters, protect your campaigns from fake registrations, or handle both tasks simultaneously.


Whether you adopt it for your software, app, or Contact Us pages, our API will handle it. The solution is Python-, C#-, Ruby-, and PHP-friendly, so it’s easy to manage and modify for all development teams.

Efficient email inspections

Get the ball rolling with a custom API in its basic version and switch to more extensive packages at a discounted price later. Capitalize on having ideal lists and preventing send-outs to fake addresses.

Bulk email check

Our email verification API has powerhouse capabilities, too. Turn them to your advantage as you ensure that thousands of addresses fit the specified criteria to set your campaign up for sensational deliverability.


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Don’t fumble your email lists. Sign up for Email List Validation, choose your package, and forget about hard bounces and non-existing addresses stealing your time.

Once you join, you can switch to our email verifier API and receive 100 credits as a gift to fuel your smooth start.

or OneByOne Verefication:

from emailvalidation import EmailvalidationOne

E = EmaillistvalidationOne('PUT_YOUR_KEY', '[email protected]')

result = E.control() print result // answer is string 'ok' or 'fail'

To Upload a Bulk

from emailverify import EmaillistvalidationBulk

B = EmaillistvalidationBulk('PUT_YOUR_KEY', 'path/to/file.csv')

B.upload() //upload file in server and get id_file from server

B.get_info() // here will be answer from server

something like that: 135094|6565_clean.csv|no|7|7|finished|1456415517 or |
  "Result": "risky",
  "Reason": "email_disabled",
  "Role": true,
  "Free": true,
  "Disposable": false,
  "Spamtrap": true,
  "Did_you_mean": null,
  "User": "email",
  "Domain": "",
  "Email": "[email protected]"

Catch bad emails before they get to your list

Sometimes visitors unintentionally submit bad emails while signing up or submitting forms. With Email List Validation API, you can spot those bad emails right at the signup box and prevent any bad email from getting into your database.

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