Don't let hard bounces drag your email campaigns down.

Email campaigns, even the most well planned ones, can fail flat if deliverability isn’t that great. Nothing brings down your deliverability like dirty email lists. Email List Validation cleans up your lists and makes sure your emails reach the right recipients.

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Double-action email list cleaning software


Email List Validation is a full-fledged platform ready to spring into action. Upload your lists and modify your checks using the Dashboard without having to download dedicated software. Allow several seconds, and your lists are sparkling clean.


If you prefer to keep the email-cleansing magic on your website, switch to our API. It has the same functionality as the Dashboard to clean email addresses without skipping a beat. Stay within your website’s security technology and enjoy easy-to-tweak API code.

What you can expect

Quality assurance

Email List Validation guarantee 98% accuracy. In other words, any email tagged as “deliverable” is a valid one.

Bad email removal

Email List Validation removes 99.9% spam traps, bounces and toxic emails.


Expect a 99.99% uptime and 3x speed thanks to our powerful servers.

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Make the most of every marketing dollar

Email address list cleaner that makes sure sending your emails is worth it

Hard bounces are every marketer’s nightmare. But you can stop losing sleep over undeliverable emails. Our advanced algorithms are unforgiving to invalid addresses, ruthless to duplicates, and reassuring for your ROI. When you don’t spend a single cent on sending what will never conquer the inbox, you’re kicking your campaigns up a notch. Clean data equals efficient marketing!

Bulk email cleaning solution that lets you scale

Email List Validation is maxed out with bulk cleaning functionality. No matter how many Excel rows your sender lists occupy, it can instantly remove addresses that may jeopardize your credibility and result in a bloated budget. Bulk-check your lists before shifting to a higher gear for your campaigns!

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Clean up email lists quickly and accurately

Cleaning coupled with agility

Instant gratification is achievable. With our tool’s real-time notifications, you can make sure users are informed of inaccuracies and date-entry mishaps so they can course-correct as they specify their addresses. Nip invalid emails in the bud!

You can amp it up without the fear of losing agility. Our bulk email list cleaner is speed-optimized to run through 4,000 addresses/minute unless tricky issues arise. By saying ‘tricky,’ we mean greylisted emails that require a second glance as part of a comprehensive check.

Accuracy that is never taken for granted

Adopting our email list cleaning service means being reassured that the addresses you target have been meticulously inspected and validated. Our algorithms beef up the check accuracy rate to 98% domain-wide. Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo – you name it.

Tools that make your lists clean

Email duplication

Removes any duplicate email you may have in your records.

Spam trap removal

Gets rid of any sketchy emails that could be a Spam trap.

Risk validator

Scans for high-risk keywords and Shady TLDs.

MTA validations

Checks whether a Mail Transfer Agent has a valid MX record.

Domain Validation

Removes all emails containing invalid domains.

Complainers verify

Eliminates all email addresses matching our Complainer Database.

Syntax verifier

Checks for any invalid syntaxes and immediately removes them.

Real-time bouncing

Sends untraceable emails to any address which can’t be validated using other methods.

Team account

Allows you to add your team members and collaborate while consuming the same source of credits.

Disposable email checker

Identifies free email accounts that are for masking real email addresses.

Anti-greylisting tech

Waits for some time and tries to validate those specific emails if encountered greylisting.

Selectable download

Allows you to download only the results you need.

Set your email campaign in motion

Are your sender lists ready for some cleansing treatment? Whether you’re a small business aiming to nurture leads without ridiculous spending or an enterprise reinforcing your campaigns with a focus on data quality, we have the perfect email list cleaning plan for you.

Beginner plans

If you’re starting your campaign to target 10,000 emails or fewer, here you go. The minimum plan to use Email List Validation encompasses 2,500 addresses you can check through our Dashboard or API. To sweeten the deal, we will assign 100 credits to your account so that you can verify the first 100 emails for free!

Enterprise plans

Nothing outperforms our Enterprise plans for those with over 10M addresses to check. They are synonymous with scalability to ensure your campaigns are all set up for the expected ROI. The capabilities of our software are ample enough to be aligned with the goals of your organization and marketing teams. Plus, you can leverage extra functionality with our exclusive Deliverability Toolkit, including inbox reports and blacklist checks.

Let’s kill bounces and treat ill-prepared sender lists. Choose your plan to clean email lists online, transfer your addresses in a click, and make a permanent presence in the inbox!

Segmented results for
your convenience

Intuitive result codes

Your results would be pigeonholed in six easy-to-understand categories: Deliverable, Invalid, Disposable, Accept all, Unknown, and Spam-trap.

Easy Segmented list download

Download the segment list of your choice.No need for any review from your part.


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