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Trusted by thousands of organizations across the globe.


One platform to solve all your mailing problems

“Looking for a reliable way to validate your email list? Our automated email verification and free bulk email list cleaning service makes sure that all the email addresses on your list are valid and up-to-date. ”

Email List Cleaning Service

Maintaining clean and accurate email lists is essential for any successful business. That’s why we offer a free email list cleaning service to help you quickly and easily check email list for bounces, email list scrubbing, and clean up your email list. Our free bulk email list cleaner allows you to manage your contact lists with ease.

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Real-Time Email list Verify

Email verification is an affordable way to ensure you receive a valid email address that belongs to a real person. With our advanced email list verifier, you can quickly verify the accuracy of any email address or contact list with just one click. So you can trust that your email lists are valid and up-to-date.

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Block Temporary / Disposable Emails

Protect your business from invalid emails, temporary accounts and junk mail with our advanced email verification tools. Our service is designed to help you block disposable emails and keep your email list clean and up-to-date. With our powerful email validation tools, you can quickly and easily identify and remove non-existent or fake emails.

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Blacklist Monitoring

Don't let invalid addresses, temporary emails, and junk mail clutter your inbox; use our powerful email verification tools to prevent these from getting through. Our service helps you maintain a clean email list by blocking all disposable emails.So you can rest assured knowing your contact list is accurate and compliant.

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Four solutions, one goal.

solutionBulk Email List Cleaning
Protect your email campaigns from toxic emails

Avoid hard bounces, spam traps and fake emails by verifying and cleaning up your email list.

1. Upload your list or import using integrations.
2. Verify and clean up your email list.
3. Hit send button with confidence.

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solutionReal-time email verification
Real-time email verification for a pristine list

With Email List Validation service, you can verify deliverability of any email address before it can end up in your database.

1. Use Email List Validation API on your website, application or any marketing platform.
2. Our algorithm spots sketchy emails at points of entry and prompts your customers to fix typos.
3. Only valid emails go to your contact database.

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solutionAutomated List cleaning
Efficient list cleaning on autopilot

Fight database decay with Email List Validation auto verification service.

1. Connect your CRMs using integrations.

2. Email List Validation imports data from CRM. Eliminates every single bad emails and exports back to CRM without any human involvement.

3. This auto cleaning process runs almost daily and immediately removes any email that turns bad.

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solutionInbox Placement
Insights for email deliverability

Helps you figure out whether messages end up in your inbox or are marked as spam by mailbox providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud.

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Tools that make your lists clean

Email duplication

Removes any duplicate email you may have in your records.

Spam trap removal

Gets rid of any sketchy emails that could be a Spam trap.

Risk validator

Scans for high-risk keywords and Shady TLDs.

MTA validations

Checks whether a Mail Transfer Agent has a valid MX record.

Domain Validation

Removes all emails containing invalid domains.

Complainers verify

Eliminates all email addresses matching our Complainer Database.

Syntax verifier

Checks for any invalid syntaxes and immediately removes them.

Real-time bouncing

Sends untraceable emails to any address which can’t be validated using other methods.

Team account

Allows you to add your team members and collaborate while consuming the same source of credits.

Role email checker

Identifies free email accounts that are for masking real email addresses.

Anti-greylisting tech

Waits for some time and tries to validate those specific emails if encountered greylisting.

Selectable download

Allows you to download only the results you need.

All-in-one solution for email validation

Are you about to launch a multi-channel marketing campaign based on the never-ending list of thousands of recipients? You want to make sure you are landing in real inboxes and targeting real people interested in your message. Invalid, undeliverable, and spam-trap emails may cause you to stumble unless you implement bulk email verification during the planning stage of your campaign.

Email List Validation can make it happen with reduced effort. It’s a bunch of email validation tools based on a unique self-learning algorithm to ensure unmatched email deliverability and help you rake in more out of every dollar spent.

Shield your campaigns against costly bounces, complaints, and frustration. Send fewer emails – make more dollars!

Email validation made easy and fruitful

You can’t gloss over keeping your online mail lists up-to-date. Our email validation service gives you confidence that your messages will reach recipients and build trust and engagement with your customers. Get ready to make genuine connections, spend less on sprucing up your sender lists, and drive the ROI that all stakeholders are happy with.

De-risk your campaigns

With our bulk-email verifier, you can instantly detect invalid addresses that never pay off. They can tarnish your reputation, wreak havoc on the open-and-click rate, and result in your messages being blocked or flagged as spam.

Email List Validation eliminates such addresses, plus those with suspicious attributes like disposable domains, shady TLDs, or banned keywords. Easily run automated and manual checks before your campaign goes out!

Make it predictable

Email List Validation addresses one of the biggest challenges a marketer may face – accidentally going into spam traps. Our proprietary database contains an ever-increasing number of avoid-at-all-costs emails to help you red-flag messy and tricky traps and remove them on the go.

To make your campaign free from traps, you can use our online email validator or API. Invite your teammates to build clean lists together and predict the results before you hit that ‘Bulk Send’ button.

Stay on the compliant side

Verify email addresses by checking whether their structure follows the proper syntax defined by official standards. Then, run a designated tool to see if the domain can actually accept your email.

Email List Validation extends its capabilities to domain-level checks, syntax verification, and MTA validation. This will help you proceed with compliant email lists, no matter how extensive.

Ward off failures

With our email bounce checker, you are positioned to resolve issues before they become setbacks for your campaign. Get notifications the moment a bounce occurs and spring into action.

When bounces are detected and remedied, you are set up for improved deliverability and higher response rates. Your target audience will appreciate your responsiveness, and your Internet service provider will see your commitment to email best practices.

Getting started

Have you spent hours compiling your lists, segmenting your audience, and writing mind-blowing subject lines? Before clicking ‘Send,’ check email validity with our solution and make sure your messages will reach subscribers. Sign up today and use the tools that work best for you – all known for incredibly accurate results!

Why should you choose us

You want solid results from your email campaigns.
We help you achieve them.

Reduce Your Email Marketing Monthly Costs

The most important thing you can do to increase the sender reputation, deliverability & conversion rate of your emails is to only send them to real people.

Improve Your Email Marketing ROI

Stop wasting money on spam email addresses. Send fewer emails and save money thanks to our verified mailing list.

Protect your domain reputation score

Spam traps and hard bounces can damage your reputation. Get rid of them so your emails don't end up in spam folders or junk folders.

Email deliverability tools

Everything you need to improve your email deliverability in one place.

inbox inbox inbox

newtoolInbox Placement

Helps you determine whether your message is landing in the inbox or in spam by mailbox providers, like Gmail, Outlook and iCloud.

About Inbox Placement ->

newtoolBlacklist Monitoring

Monitor your sending domains and IP addresses for blacklistings. Real-time alerts allow you to quickly respond to resolve potential issues.

About Blacklist Monitoring ->

Stay connected to the tools you already love.

Email List Validation works with popular ESPs, CRMs and other marketing tools. Pick the integration from the library and connect to your favourite tool in seconds.

Simple & Flexible pricing.

If over 10% of your emails are bad, less than 44% are delivered.



You get
2,500 emails
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Minimum purchase size is 2,500 credits

2,500 emails

$0.0076 per email

5,000 emails

$0.0078 per email

10,000 emails

$0.0058 per email

25,000 emails

$0.00396 per email

50,000 emails

$0.0039 per email

100K emails

$0.00299 per email

200K emails

$0.002495 per email

500K emails

$0.001398 per email

1M emails

$0.001099 per email

2M emails

$0.009495 per email

Over 10,000,000 emails

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Email Validation & Verification Tool

Email Validation & Verification Tool

99% rocket
emailist validation

Highest Accuracy & Lowest Prices

We are proud of our outstanding accuacy and reasonable prices. Email List Validation is perfect for businesses with high email verification needs.

Email List Validation is unique to offer:

  • 99%+ Accuracy Rate
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 100k Verifications For Only $299

100% Money-Back Guarentee

We are the only email verifier offering truly 100% money-back guarantee on our results, hence we are trusted by more than 70,000 businesses worldwide.

With Email List Validation you get:

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Results You Can Trust
  • Professional Support

Customer testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers think.

Highly useful and easy

Emaillistvalidation have was able to solve our worries of hard and soft bounces with ease. All the bad domains and accounts was identified and dismissed with ease. i can say it is a perfect solution that we have come across till date.

Tony A

Got high email deliverability after…

Got high email deliverability after cleansing our email database with EmailListValidation, to our surprise many emails that we thought were valid were actually harming our email deliverability. Thanks EmailListValidation.

Raksha Malhotra

Affordable tool

The overall suit of email verification service is well designed that suits every business.

We had hell lot of duplicates account; Email list validation did a great job in eliminating each one of them.

Niel Jack

Delivers what promised

Impressed with simple yet highly effective email list srubbing service. To our surprise no invalid email accounts were left in our email list after validating it through email list validation

Rafina B

Cleaned all the bad emails in the list effectively

Too many bad emails in the list were hurting email campaigns; list was cleaned effectively by ELV that now has the bounces within specified limit. Thanks to EmailListValidation

Patrick Szabo

Best for improving email deliverability

EmailListValidation have done a great job by improving our email deliverability rates. The service was excellent in detecting all sort of junk emails from our email database.

Alis Moore

Got good email verification results

certainly did a great job in removing temporary and bad emails from the list, which we were considering valid till now.

Recommended tool, fair price and great service.

Daniel Elgar

Amazing features offered by Email List…

Amazing features offered by Email List Validation; certainly adds value in better email marketing by cleaning database with ease and quick turnaround time.

Paul McCarthy

Loved the risk validation feature

EmailListValidation is our rescue tool in getting through the email deliverability issues. Must have tool for minimiing the bounces from email campaigns

Sarkar Ugesh

Helpful in sending email marketing…

Helpful in sending email marketing campains to the email accounts that are actuall deliverable. Saved a lot on mailing cost with EmailListValidation.

Rashmi Sinha

Satisfied with the results

Satisfied with the results. EmailListValidation will be my go tool everytime I need to clean-up my email list with just few clicks. 10 on 10!

Martin Garcia

Must have tool for ecommerce store

The email validation API has helped us immensely in detectting and removing fake email accounts before they get in to our list. Good service

Kevin D

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Powerful, Simple,
Fast Email Verification Service

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