Welcome to our comprehensive guide on email on delivery. As an expert in email marketing, I will walk you through the world of real-time email notifications and how they can transform your communication with your audience. Email on delivery allows you to keep your subscribers informed and engaged by providing them with real-time updates on their email deliveries. From USPS Informed Delivery to SendGrid, Postmark, Google Looker Studio, and Oracle Cloud Email Delivery, we will explore the best practices and features of each service, helping you optimize your email marketing strategies and achieve greater success.

What is Email On Delivery?

Email on delivery refers to the practice of sending real-time notifications to email recipients, informing them about the status of their email deliveries. This innovative approach to email communication enhances user experience and engagement by providing timely updates on important emails, packages, or other relevant information. Instead of waiting for recipients to manually check their inbox for updates, email on delivery takes the initiative to proactively notify them as soon as the delivery event occurs.

USPS Informed Delivery: Enhancing Package Tracking

USPS Informed Delivery is a service provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that allows users to preview their incoming mail and manage package deliveries. It offers a range of features, including daily email notifications with grayscale images of letter-sized mail items and tracking information for packages. Users can also opt-in for real-time email notifications for each mailpiece delivery, providing enhanced convenience and peace of mind.

SendGrid: Real-Time Email Engagement

SendGrid, a popular email delivery platform, empowers businesses to enhance their email engagement with real-time notifications. With its robust APIs and features, SendGrid allows you to track the delivery status of your emails and send immediate notifications to your recipients. This ensures that they are informed about the progress of their email deliveries and increases the chances of your emails being read and acted upon.

Postmark: Real-Time Transactional Email Notifications

Postmark specializes in transactional email delivery, making it an ideal choice for applications that require real-time email notifications. With Postmark, you can ensure that critical transactional emails, such as order confirmations and password resets, are delivered promptly and that recipients are instantly notified of important events.

Google Looker Studio: Real-Time Data Insights

While not specifically an email delivery service, Google Looker Studio is a powerful data platform that can be integrated into email marketing strategies. By leveraging its capabilities, marketers can gain real-time insights into email campaign performance, allowing them to adjust their strategies on the fly for better engagement and deliverability.

Oracle Cloud Email Delivery: Enterprise-Grade Notifications

Oracle Cloud Email Delivery provides enterprise-grade email delivery solutions, including real-time notifications. This service ensures that businesses can maintain communication with their customers and stakeholders by promptly delivering essential emails and providing real-time status updates on their delivery progress.

Best Practices for Implementing Email On Delivery

Implementing email on delivery requires careful planning and execution to ensure optimal results. Here are some best practices to consider:

  • Segment Your Audience: Tailor your real-time email notifications based on your audience's preferences and behavior to ensure relevancy and engagement.
  • Personalize the Content: Use dynamic content to personalize your real-time notifications, making them more compelling and informative for the recipients.
  • Optimize for Mobile: Design your real-time email notifications with mobile responsiveness in mind to cater to users on different devices.
  • Ensure Real-Time Accuracy: Make sure that your real-time notifications are sent promptly and that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Test and Monitor: Regularly test your email on delivery system to ensure that notifications are functioning correctly and continuously monitor their performance.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can email on delivery improve customer engagement?

Absolutely! Email on delivery enhances customer engagement by providing timely updates and relevant information. It ensures that recipients stay informed and engaged with your emails, leading to improved open rates and interactions.

Q2: How does USPS Informed Delivery work?

USPS Informed Delivery allows users to preview their incoming mail by receiving grayscale images of letter-sized mail items in their email. Additionally, users can opt-in for real-time email notifications that provide updates on the status of their package deliveries.

Q3: Can real-time email notifications reduce support inquiries?

Yes, real-time email notifications can reduce support inquiries by proactively updating users on their email deliveries or relevant events. This preemptive approach addresses potential questions or concerns before users need to reach out for support.

Q4: Are there any security concerns with email on delivery services?

Email on delivery services prioritize security and user privacy. They adhere to strict data protection regulations and ensure that sensitive information is handled securely to protect both businesses and their recipients.


Email on delivery is a game-changer in the world of email marketing and communication. By leveraging services like USPS Informed Delivery, SendGrid, Postmark, Google Looker Studio, and Oracle Cloud Email Delivery, businesses can provide real-time updates to their recipients, improving engagement and user experience. To ensure success, follow best practices, segment your audience, and personalize your content. With real-time notifications, you can take your email marketing to new heights and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.