Understanding PMGDISHA and Its Email Verification Process

PMGDISHA aims to make 6 crore rural households digitally literate by providing access to digital resources and training. As part of the registration process, beneficiaries are required to undergo email verification to validate their accounts and enable access to digital learning materials. The email verification process ensures that genuine beneficiaries benefit from the program's resources and that the initiative is efficiently implemented.

The Myth of PMGDISHA Email Verify Trick 2018

In 2018, some misconceptions arose regarding a supposed "email verify trick" that could bypass the PMGDISHA verification process. These claims led to confusion and raised concerns about the program's integrity. As an expert, I can confirm that such tricks or shortcuts do not exist. The PMGDISHA program is designed to ensure a robust and authentic verification process, and any attempt to bypass it undermines the program's purpose and impact.

The Importance of Authentic Verification

Authentic verification is crucial for the success of the PMGDISHA program. By ensuring that beneficiaries undergo a legitimate email verification process, the program can accurately track participation, measure impact, and allocate resources efficiently. Authentic verification also prevents misuse of resources and ensures that digital literacy skills reach those who genuinely need them.

PMGDISHA Email Verification Process

The proper email verification process for PMGDISHA involves the following steps:

1. Registration on the PMGDISHA Portal

Beneficiaries must register on the official PMGDISHA portal with accurate and verifiable details. This step establishes their eligibility for the program and creates their accounts.

2. Providing Valid Email Address

During registration, beneficiaries need to provide a valid and active email address. This email address will be used for verification and communication purposes throughout the program.

3. Verification Email

After successful registration, beneficiaries will receive a verification email on the provided email address. The email will contain a verification link that they must click to confirm their account.

4. Account Activation

Clicking on the verification link will activate the beneficiary's account, granting them access to the program's resources and digital learning materials.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1: Can I use someone else's email address for verification?

No, using someone else's email address for verification is not allowed and is against the program's terms and conditions. Each beneficiary must use their valid and personal email address for the verification process.

Q2: What if I don't have an email address?

If you don't have an email address, you can easily create one for free on various email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. Having an email address is essential for accessing digital resources and participating in the PMGDISHA program.

Q3: Is it possible to change my registered email address?

Yes, in case you need to change your registered email address, you can do so by contacting the program's support or following the designated process on the PMGDISHA portal. Ensure that the new email address is valid and belongs to you.


The PMGDISHA program is a transformative initiative that empowers rural citizens with digital literacy skills, opening doors to countless opportunities. The email verification process is a crucial aspect of this program, ensuring that beneficiaries genuinely benefit from its resources and offerings. As an expert, I emphasize the importance of authentic verification and encourage all beneficiaries to undergo the proper email verification process. Together, let's empower rural India with digital knowledge and create a more inclusive and digitally literate nation.