What Is an Email Verifier and Why Is It Important?

Email verifier is a desktop or online tool that allows checking a single email address or bulk email lists for being existent and valid. It can be represented as a desktop tool or an online service. The latter is more popular today due to its simplicity in implementation, requiring no new IP addresses to operate (you can operate the verification process via different servers), and how easy it is to support or update.

Email campaign is one of the most popular marketing techniques that companies use. Email marketing is popular because it’s very much effective and at the same time it’s cheaper. The metrics of email marketing makes it one of the best in the business. You can actually measure at every step of the marketing campaign. Delivery rates, open rates, conversion rates and click through rates are some of the popular steps in the email marketing process. When all the steps are properly executed then this is the best marketing tool in the business. But there is one thing that people often tend to miss and this is the most vital of all the metrics and that is email validation. If this particular metrics can be done properly then, you will definitely get the best results out of your marketing campaign.

In a recent study it has shown that almost 48% of the mails get to the junk and this is because of non-validation of the email lists. A junk reputation is very bad for any company and that is why it is important that these lists of email needs to be verified. That is precisely what email verifiers do.

In this article we will try to understand the benefits of using email verifier and how it can drastically improve the whole marketing campaign.

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Email Verifier

The sales team of every businesses use email list to target their potential customers and in most of the cases they buy these lists. Even if they legitimately acquire the emails, there are many invalid email Ids that they receive. Now these email ID which are not valid can be very harmful for the reputation of the business and moreover has the risk of getting blacklisted. That is why Email verifiers are used to verify every email ID before any email is sent by the company. These email verifiers are software and tools that are used by the companies. Once these emails are verifies that is when you can use these email ids properly.

In the current period, most of the email verifiers are online services. Online services are quite handy as they can be accessed from anywhere and any moment. Like other services you don’t need a complicated set up, you just need an internet connection. Email Validation is one of the most popular email verifier service providers in the business today.

The best thing about Email List Validation is a plugin that you can use it all the time even if you change the browser. You can easily verify single emails and bulk emails, according to your need. Now lets us try to understand how the process of email verification actually works.

The process of email verification

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The process of email verification is a simple process, although the work that these tools do is not that simple at all. The process can actually be summarized into three steps.

  • Step 1: This is the first step and very important steps. There are many email Ids that get into the junk because of the spell errors. In this first step the email verifiers checks the spelling errors. Some of the criteria’s that the tool looks into are commas, spaces, @ wrongly placed and domains etc. For example if an email ID that is Sonam@[email protected] this can be easily retrieved and removed once the email verifiers bring this to you.
  • Step 2: The second step is all about checking the domains. The verifiers check the domain of the email ID and if the domain is not there or is not working then this email are regarded as invalid. There are many such email IDs that can come up in an email list and it is very important to make sure these are removed.
  • Step 3: The third step is a sophisticated one. This step is referred as Email Ping. Here the email service provider pins the exact email id through an EHLO message. The receiver will then confirm the status of the email Id, whether the ID is active or not.

The process varies from one email verifiers to another. In the case of Email List Validation, all the vital steps are used so that the perfect result can be attained.

Why is it necessary to verify emails?

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There are many reasons why emails should be verified from time to time.  When these IDs are invalid then there is no use of sending emails to those Ids and most of the time and energy of the sales team would be wasted in these invalid ids. There are several reasons that can actually cause an email change or invalid email; here are some of the reasons.

Change of email ID – This is one of the most common reason of email id getting invalid. There are times when a person wants to change the domain because of various reasons. In such cases the previous Id gets invalid. Although the email Id is invalid, the id will still be active and in such cases although the email will be in the inbox but will remain unread. That is why it is important to separate such email Ids out of your email list.

Change of email Id with the same provider – This is another classical example of change of email Id within the same provider. The user might want to change the email ID and opt for a more suitable one within the same provider. For example if, [email protected] wants to change her Id to [email protected] then the previous Id will stay active but the emails will be unread.

Change of position in the company – In most of the companies the email Ids are different in different levels. In the higher levels, they all have the same ones. In such cases when a person moves from one level to another level than the previous email Id becomes invalid. In such cases your email will get bounce and hence it is important that you remove the previous one and put the latest one for that particular person.

Change of Jobs – In most of the cases when a person changes his or her job to some other employer, in such cases new email Ids are given to that person. And when you do no change the email list, all your important mails will be on the previous Id of that person. In some companies there email Ids are replaced by new employees. In such cases your email will be received by wrong person and that is the last thing that you want.

Dead Domain – In most of the cases, when a company is out of the business the domain becomes inactive. In such cases there is no point in mailing to these email ids. Email verifiers will retrieve these ids and present it to you, which you can remove from your email list.

Inactive public email provider – In many cases the email providers gets out of the business and hence is dead. In such cases the email Ids becomes invalid or useless. In such cases, it is important that you know about these email ids which you can remove from the list.

Reasons to verify emails

Verifying email Ids is very much important and from time to time it is important that you verify the email ids of your email list. There are times when your Id might lead you to some untrusted email Ids which can reduce your email deliverability and also reduce your reputation in the business.

When your emails are getting into invalid ids all the time, then your reputation decreases and you might be blacklisted for that.

Email verification process is an important one for companies as it saves the sales team their quality time, money and energy.

Tips to choose an email verifier

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From the above explanation, it is quite clear that email verifier is an important part of your marketing plan. Now let’s find out how to choose email verifiers. What are the criteria that you need to look into before getting one?

Online email verifier – Online email verifiers are very popular among the business because it can be accesses from any part of the world and at the same time, it can be accesses any time. That is the reason why online verifiers are in huge demand. It does not require your computer resources and never uses your IP for verification.

Workloads – You need to check out the amount of emails that your email verifier can verify. It should be able to verify both single emails and bunch of emails.

Personal email Ids and Corporate Ids – It is very much important that you look for such verifier that can verify both the emails of a Person using personally and that of an office email.

Multiple validation methods – A single validation method might not be that effective and accurate and that is why you need to look for such email verifiers that provides multiple validation process.

All-in-one verifiers – There are several tools that should be interconnected as these are part of the email marketing process. These tools are

  • Email generation tools
  • Email sending tools
  • Email list management tools

Below is an example of two popular products in the market bulk email verifier and hunter.io. Email Verifier.

Feature Email List Validation Hunter.io. Email Verifier
Pricing $19 per 2500 leads $49Per 1000 leads
Scalability Unlimited Upto 50,000
Personal/Corporate Both Corporate Only
Mechanism Multiple Syntax + Domain
Integration Lead generation + Management+ Email Sending Lead Generation
Online Services Online +Plugin Online +Plugin

Practical – Let us now conduct a practical experiment to show how email verifiers save you time and money. At first 1000 leads were generated and verified by email verifiers.

Following are the tools that we used –

  • Email List Validation – This one generates leads on FaceBook
  • LinkedHelper – This tool is used to generate leads on Linked
  • BuiltWith – This is another popular tool that helps one to get contacts of a specific group people

Number of emails that got generated –

  • 150 Emails – BuiltWith
  • 150 Emails – Websites
  • 200 Emails – Twitter
  • 200 Emails – Facebook
  • 300 Emails – Linkedin

These were the numbers of emails that were generated from different sources and it took almost 2 hours to get all the figures.

Now when the email verification process was done, out of that 1000, 320 emails were found to be invalid. These invalid emails were inactive emails, dead domains and non-working servers. The whole verification process took about 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

32 % of email turned out to be invalid. Now let’s find out how much money it costs you as a business owner.

  • $0.006 – Average per email address verification
  • $0.001 – Average per mail through email verification service
  • $0.015 – Average per email delivery

Hence, it is costing you $6 per 1000 emails approx. Now, the 320 emails that were invalid saved us some amount of money.

Secondly, there are several parameters where you can improve using email verifiers such as Bounce Rate, Open rate, click through rate, reply rate and conversion rate.

From the above example it is pretty much clear that using Email Verifier is a good idea for your business as it saves you time, money and energy of your sales team.