The Ultimate Guide To Check Email Validity Without Sending an Email

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The vast majority of people who send regular email campaigns to their lists don’t know how to check email validity. This is a problem because invalid addresses can cause all sorts of issues, from decreased deliverability, and bounced messages to spam traps.

If you’re regularly emailing addresses that are invalid, not only are you wasting time and resources, but your sender’s reputation is suffering, too. Fortunately, there are a few ways to verify an email address without actually sending an email. These methods can be super convenient, especially for people with a large email list who struggle with spam complaints and wish to verify email addresses but don’t know where to start

In this article, we’re going to be diving into everything you need to know about doing an entire bulk email verification without sending a single email, why it’s important, and why it’s probably hurting your business if you don’t verify email addresses

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Why It’s Important To Check Email Validity Before Sending an Email?

Why Validation Is Impordatnt

Email marketing is a powerful tool – but only when it’s used correctly. One of the most important steps you should take before launching your email marketing campaigns is verifying email addresses before you start sending emails. That way, you can be sure that your emails are going to the right people and that they’re actually going to see them.

Taking the time to verify your email list before sending any more emails will ensure that your emails are actually delivered to the intended recipient and will help you avoid bounced emails, which can damage your sender’s reputation and cause deliverability problems with your email service provider.

In a nutshell, an email marketing campaign will have a higher bounce rate if it is sent to invalid email addresses, your sending score will begin to deteriorate and you may even find yourself getting blacklisted.

What is a bounce rate?

The bounce rate is the percentage of sent emails that couldn’t be delivered. If your bounce rate is high, it could be an indication that there are problems with your email list, a full mailbox, a blocked sender, or your emails are going to spam.

But most likely a higher bounce rate is related to invalid email addresses.

Should you be worried about it?

email bounce rate

The short answer is, unfortunately, YES.

A high email bounce rate can negatively impact your ability to reach your target audience and damage your sender’s reputation. To avoid a high email bounce rate, it’s important to regularly validate email addresses and remove any invalid addresses.

Types of bounce rates:

1. Soft email bounce

A soft bounce is an email that’s returned to the sender because the recipient’s mailbox is full, temporarily unavailable, or the message is too large. Generally, soft bounces are temporary, which means that the email could be delivered at a later time. The bounced emails will stay in your “bounced” queue until they are either manually removed, or expire after 30 days.

2. Hard email bounce

A hard bounce is an email that’s returned to the sender because the email address doesn’t exist, a hard email bounce is permanent, which means that the email address is no longer valid. This can happen if an email account has been removed, or if the recipient’s mailbox is full.

Bounce rates are one of the key metrics for measuring email deliverability, so it’s incredibly important to perform regular check-ups to ensure that your email list is healthy and you’re sending to valid addresses.

What Happens When You Don’t Validate Email Addresses?

Lead Genration With mail

When you choose to not verify your email list, you run the risk of having low-quality leads. This is because unverified email lists are more likely to contain invalid, inaccurate, and duplicate email addresses. As a result, your emails may not be delivered to the intended recipient, or worse, they could be marked as spam. and your email deliverability gets wrecked.

In addition, you could end up paying more for your email marketing campaigns if your list contains a high proportion of invalid email addresses.

To avoid these consequences, it’s important to regularly verify your email list. This process involves going through a verification process with a reliable email validation service verifying that each email address on your list is valid and accurate and also identifying spam trap detection.

There are a number of ways to do this, but one of the most effective is to use an email checker like Email List Validation. This email verification service will check your entire list against a database of known valid email addresses, and flag any invalid email address or fake address with just a single click away.

How to Check an Email Address’s Validity?

Check Email Validity
email list verify

There are a few different ways to check email validity, sending a message to an email may be the simplest approach to determine if an email address is valid, and see if it comes back as undeliverable for people who are just starting out and have a limited marketing audience, this technique works perfectly.

If you’re a little bit on the advanced side of the equation and perhaps have a huge email list at your disposal this may not be the best option for you, the easiest way to validate your email list would be to use a bulk email list verification service like Email List Validation, which will test the address against a database of known valid and disposable email addresses.

How to Clean an Email List Without Sending an Email?

Clean an Email List
email list validator

Email marketing can be an incredibly effective way to promote high-ticket products on the back-end without spending money on advertising, however, this can quickly backfire if you don’t have verified email addresses. This is why having valid addresses is essential for any business. nevertheless, manual email verification of an email list can be a time-consuming and tedious process, especially if you have a huge email list, validating one email at a time can seem like a daunting task, which it is.

That’s why it’s highly recommended that you take advantage of email verification software such as Email List Validation, this bulk email verifier will verify the syntax of your email addresses in bulk and check to see if they are active, and also identify syntax errors.

Using an email verification tool like Email List Validation will save you a lot of time and resources by streamlining and automating your email list verification process, and also help you avoid spam trap detection, all you have to do is upload your email list file to the email checker and run the validation process, and the results will show you instantly which addresses are valid and which are not. Finally, clean out any disposable email address from your list and use the updated, healthy, and ready-to-go verified email addresses for your future email marketing campaigns and you’ll quickly start seeing dramatic and noticeable results in terms of high engagement and high open rates.

By following these easy steps, you can ensure that your email campaigns are reaching the right people and improve your chances of success.

5 Best Email Verification Tools In 2022

By now you should have a good understanding of the incredible value of a clean email list and how it can positively impact the growth of your business. But, you might be wondering…

What is the best email verification tool in the market?

Well, in a sea of email validation tools out there (paid & free) it can be pretty overwhelming for someone who isn’t really tech-savvy and doesn’t know which is the right one to pick.

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of 5 of the best email verification tools that are currently dominating the space and have the highest rating and performance level

Email List Validation

Email verification services
email list verification

Email List Validation is a cutting-edge email validation service that integrates with dozens of email marketing service providers and allows you to check your email list in bulk.

We focus on automating the email verification process and making it as seamless and efficient as possible so you can focus on your business. We support a variety of email marketing providers such as  HubSpot, Mailgun, and Active Campaign.

What’s great about Email List Validation is that it detects invalid addresses, temporary emails, duplicate emails, and spam traps and also removes hard-bounced emails, and verifies syntax errors in just minutes with a verification process.

What are some of Email List Validation’s best features?

  • Email deduplication: Domains that match our existing database of invalid emails are removed
  • Domain validation: DNS entries for every email address are checked and validated
  • Spam-trap removal: Spam traps and disposable emails are detected
  • Risk validation:  Remove all of the domains that match our existing database of invalid emails
  • Syntax verification:  Email address syntax is verified according to IETF standard
  • MTA validation: Checks if a Mail-Transfer-Agent has a valid MX Record

Pricing at Email List Validation

Email List Validation offers both pay-as-you-go and monthly billing plans. All you have to do is choose the number of emails you need to validate and sign up for a free account and you can also receive a quote if you want to pay monthly.

Pay-as-you-go rates start at $0.0007 per email for up to 5 million emails and can go as high as $0.0076 per email for up to 2,500.

If you have more than 1 million emails to process you can start by contacting Email List Validation’s sales team for custom enterprise pricing.


Zero bounce Email Validator
email list checker

ZeroBounce is a reliable email address checker that can effectively remove spam traps, and spoofed, invalid, and misspelled addresses from your email lists to prevent bounces and protect your sender’s reputation.

it is a widely used email verification tool used by some of the big players in the space such as TripAdvisor, Allstate, and even Comodo. It offers several validation processes and mechanisms and various integrations.

Some of the common pros of ZeroBounce are that it has a well-designed and user-friendly interface and has partnerships with several third-party integrations and also adopted an AI mechanism to enhance the accuracy of results.

Some of the downsides of using ZeroBounce are that it’s not really a cost-effective option and not everyone can afford its relatively expensive services.


never bounce
valid email address list

NeverBounce is an established SaaS company that was launched back in 2014. It currently serves over 100,00 customers and it has worked with some major well-known brands such as Uber, Girl Scouts, QuickenLoans, and even Dell and Harvard Medical School.

NeverBounce offers a variety of services to facilitate and streamline the process for the majority of its customer base. They can verify a bulk email list that contains potentially millions of email addresses and they can even verify a single email address. The email verification process work by validating the mail server and removing any duplicated emails and detecting syntax error.

It also checks the validity of a domain name and if a particular list is blacklisted.

Here are some of the features offered by ZeroBoucne

  • Bulk email list verification.
  • Bounce rate analysis.
  • Integrations.
  • User-friendly.

Email List Verify

E-mail List Verify

Email List Verify is a popular email verification tool used by industry giants such as MailChimp, Shopify, and Rackspace. They scanned over 5 billion email addresses since their initial launch.

Email List Verify works by conducting various performance checks to detect invalid and inaccurate email addresses and automatically removing them from the list. So that means any inactive, unresponsive, and invalid accounts are permanently deleted, and that also applies to temporary and duplicated emails.

It also checks emails for spam traps, syntax errors, and hard bounce rates.

Here are some of the features offered by Email List Verify

  • Bulk email verification – Upload your list of unchecked emails and receive a validated, clean and ready-to-go list with a deliverability rate of over 99%.
  • Email checker API –  By adding this API to your website’s registration, opt-in, and contact forms, you can immediately avoid receiving any invalid email addresses by preventing form submissions until a user enters a working email address.
  • Various integrations – Email List Verify is fortunate to be integrated with various well-known email marketing platforms, making it easier and seamless for anyone to clean their list in just a few clicks.


Connect With Any-one

Hunter is a well-known tool within the digital marketing community, it’s widely used for the purpose of finding emails for email outreach and it also has a built-in email verifier technology for cleaning up your email list which will result in a dramatic and noticeable increase in your outreach campaigns delivery rate

Its overriding feature allows you to find the email address of your business contacts based on domain search, first and last name, and email address lookup. The email verification tool detects invalid emails, temporary emails, blacklisted emails, and hard-bounced emails.

Here are some of the features offered by Hunter

  • Bulk email list verification – Upload as many emails as you want in a spreadsheet.
  • Single email verification – You can use the primary tool on the front page to verify a single email address.
  • API verifications – By adding this API to your website’s registration, opt-in, and contact forms, you can immediately avoid receiving any invalid email addresses by preventing form submissions until a user enters a working email address.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, email verification services cannot be overstated enough. it’s incredibly important to check email validity to avoid a wide array of issues that can potentially harm your business and prevent you from increasing your revenue.

Regularly cleaning up your email list can help you avoid deliverability issues, improve your sender reputation, and prevent hard bounces. By efficiently verifying that each email address on your list is valid, you can be sure that your emails are reaching their intended recipients and that you’re not talking to a brick wall and wasting both your money and resources on email addresses that will never lead to a conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an email verifier?

Email verification is the process of verifying the accuracy of an email address. By verifying the email address, you can be sure that it is valid and exists. Email verifiers use different methods to verify an email address, such as checking the domain name, syntax validation, or sending a confirmation message to the email address.

What to look for in email validation services?

When you want to make sure an email address is valid, you need to use an email verification service that will check the email address against a list of existing databases of invalid emails that are then removed.

Here are some things to look for in an email verification service:

  • Accuracy: The service should have a high accuracy rate in order to be effective.
  • Speed: The verification process should be quick so that you don’t have to wait long for results.
  • Pricing: The cost of the service should be reasonable, especially if you plan on verifying a large number of addresses.

What is the best email validation tool?

One of the most popular email validation tools is Email List Validation. This tool uses cutting-edge technology that takes your current list and matches it against an existing database of invalid emails that often results in spam complaints.

What is a valid email?

A valid email address is one that comprises the proper syntax, is linked to a domain, and can be delivered to the inbox of an email.

How do I check if an email address is valid?

One effective method is to send an email to the address to check whether the message was returned to you or if the recipient saw the message. However, the most efficient way to verify an email address is to use an email checker which checks the address to see if it has the correct syntax and that mail gets delivered to that address.

How can I check if an email address is valid for free?

Use an email validation service. Many email checker tools provide a chrome extension on their website where you can quickly validate the address instantaneously. The service does all the work of checking the syntax and reviewing the MX records.

What happens if you send an email to an invalid address?

In most cases, the email server may not recognize the address, and you’ll receive a bounce message that says the address is undeliverable. In some cases, the email may be delivered to a catch-all address, and you won’t receive a message telling you the address is invalid.

How to export a cleaned list from a bulk email checker?

Assuming you have a list of emails in a .txt or .csv format, follow these steps to clean your list using an email checker.

  1. Import your list into the email verification tool.
  2. Select all the criteria you want to check for, such as bounced emails, invalid domains, and disposable addresses.
  3. Run the email verification software and export the results as a .csv file.
  4. Open the exported file in Excel or Google Sheets.
  5. Delete any rows that contain bounced or invalid emails.
  6. Save the file as a .csv or .txt file and import it into your email marketing software.

How accurate are email validation services?

Email validation services are generally quite accurate, but there is always a chance that an invalid email address will slip through the cracks. For this reason, it is always a good idea to double-check in case important communications do not reach their intended recipient.