The Bounceless and Email List Verify services help users identify the email addresses removed from their contact lists and delete inappropriate ones.

Increasing the email list through ad placement, applying email programs to site pages, and making use of email verification devices are all practices that email-promoting professionals commonly use to increase company profit.

But it’s difficult to determine the best email-checking tools to which most people are unversed in. We’ve decided to make this clear and completely impartial and highlight how their strengths and strength square off with each other. Let’s look at what round two reveals.

What is Bounceless?

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Bounceless ranks among the leading players in the electronic email authentication industry. It is an established company that’s a well-known player in the market.

Following the recent update, they have recently developed an API connection technology which will allow users to confirm their email addresses directly from their website. In addition, they provide their customers with a well-maintained API dashboard where they can take a look at their qualitative and quantitative data metrics to stay updated on their progress.

Their AI is useful for testing whether your catch-all email address needs to be emailed, but using It’s a danger to use controlled trials. Think of email ratings to help you know if we should send to every catch-all address.

You can use this technology to determine which recipients are most likely to open an email campaign. You can discover the chances of the campaign landing in the spam folder.

The one big downside to Bounceless is that they cost a bit more than other businesses providing comparable anti-spam company such as Email List Validation & Debounce. As of right now, Bounceless’s charge stands at $59 per 10,000 emails.

If you’re thinking about verifying your mailing list, but are concerned about the privacy of sensitive information, it may be very hard to locate a trustworthy mailing list checker. But with the use of Bounceless, you could easily dismiss this concern.

They along with their service center in Switzerland are certified by EU-Swiss Foundation for Secure Data to handle email verifications. This is only provided to a select few companies that specialize in this area. Bounceless is a unique company that offers detailed info about a user account while verifying its validity instantly.


Elevated precision

Bounceless provides verification of 99 percent. Improving the credibility of a company with skeptical audience members requires straight answers. It’s important for organizations’ information verification methods to be accurate before sending out confidential information to clients, such as for services like Bounceless that boast email verification accuracy rates of 99 percent.

Data protection

Users frequently question me about the security measures utilized by email verification firms. If you would like to share your customers’ list with an external business, you feel some amount of trepidation about relaying the list’s details to an email verification company.

The most critical consideration to take into account when performing an email verification using the Bounceless account verification tool is that it’ll be designed to protect your private information. The software application has sophisticated grade-level safety and exceeds industry-leading encryption standards during list verifications. Bounceless will also automatically delete your information after 30 days.

Impressive design

Bounceless recently developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows users to rate the estimation of their email addresses using a CAPTCHA-like system with integers from 0 to 10, with result of 10 being the highest.

Among a score of 0 and 10, 10 represents the most cost-effective rating, and 0 represents the least effective. By choosing scores in this range, you can easily identify the best leads and narrowly define where they’re in their customer journey.

Exceptional support

Bounceless customer service team is extremely responsive and accommodating, and the experts can be contacted through a number of means, including email, live chat support, and ticket. They also have 24/7 live chat support and respond to tickets within 15 minutes.

Reasonable price

Bounceless offer a fair price compared to other email verification tool. The cost of checking 10,000 emails is currently $59, which is a lot cheaper than Neverbounce’s cost, which is $80.


App Integrations

Bounceless is integrated with only 12 applications, such as leading email marketing tools MailChimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, and more. This allows you to add your mailing lists effortlessly from one provider you will not have to select. This makes your email marketing strategies a breeze.

Standard turnaround time

We decided to compare the efficiency of verifying a number of emails to our competitors and were surprised to find out how long it took us to verify 10,000 emails in only a few seconds. This is an above-average speed in comparison to other vendors give.

What is Email List Verify?


Email List Verify is a well-known database of bulk email validation. It offers top-notch support regardless of where you send your mailing list and can verify any type of email. It will cost you $24 for 10,000 email addresses.


Quick turnaround time

The fastest wait time to check a list of 100,000 emails is 498 minutes. What differentiates Email List Verify from its rivals is that this service takes only 60 minutes to review 100,000 of these addresses.

Being equipped to handle complex issues and quickly generate results, Email List Verify is one of the swiftest email verification services available.

Great customer help

The support team has a thorough understanding of the technicalities of the solution, as evidenced by their ability to answer video calls about their technical problems. Nevertheless, it was observed that the ticketing system was slower to answer emails than to live chat visitors.

Affordable price

Email List Verify offers a good cost in comparison to other competitors. The price of checking 10,000 emails is currently $24, which is lower than Bounceless starting cost, which is $59.


Less accurate

With Email List Verify, it can make numerous approximations that might result in low accuracy, particularly the case if the investment is important.

While we review a whole lot of customer feedback, we see that many individuals are dissatisfied with the fidelity of the process involved in constructing a mailing list, consequently, we maintain a negative opinion behind Email List Verify.


Email List Verify is integrated with only 9 programs which are less than what other providers offer, such as leading email marketing tools MailChimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, and more. Through these tools, you can add your mailing lists painlessly without dealing with multiple systems.

Pay As You Go Rates

Emails Price per email
10,000 emails $24
100,000 emails $169
250,000 emails $349
1,000,000 emails $599

Bounceless VS Email List Verify: Pricing Difference

Since Email List Verify and Bounceless have been compared, it is time to compare them in terms of prices. Both apps have flexible pricing and simple, straightforward pricing options. One of the most significant considerations regarding a verification tool is its cost, so we can take a look at this topic now.

The number of Email Verification Email List  Verify Bounceless
Cost for 5000 Emails $15 $39
Cost for 10,000 Emails $24 $59
Cost for 25,000 Emails $49 $99
Cost for 50,000 Emails $89 $195
Cost for 100,000 Emails $169 $299
Cost for 500,000 Emails $449 $699

The prices of two or more service providers will vary depending on volume. Nevertheless, you should be conscious of volume-based pricing, as the pricing decreases at least eighty percent the more of them you purchase.

If you’re attempting to remain on a budget and are looking for steady usability, Email List Verify appears to be more affordable than Bounceless. However, Bounceless is a worthy alternative for performance and features as well.

Bounceless VS Email List Verify:

Bounceless and Email List Verify are both email verifiers. While both alternatives have strong variances, they are not mutually exclusive. Both are identified within the business industry as one of the leaders In the email verification department.

In scrutinizing all the features of each tool used, we can see that not one tool has the essential features stipulated by all users. Looking at it from a different perspective, Bounceless offers more options for suspending the data it provides, which makes it a far better alternative.

Let’s create a little table to compare two items side by side. Let’s take a look.

Features Email List Verify Bounceless
Free plan Verify 100 emails Verify 100 emails
Delivery Guaranteed 97% 99.9%
Pricing for 10,000 Email Verification $24 $59
Bounce Detection YES YES
Spam Trap Detection YES YES
Duplication Check YES YES
Bulk Email Verification YES YES
Disposable Email Detection YES YES
Money-Back Guarantee NO YES

The Alternate Choice

Email List Validation

Email verification services
bulk email verify

Email List Validation service has been famously used by numerous significant companies, such as Shopify, Toyota, L Oreal, and others. Our solution has been used by thousands of people and has been proven to be fully functional reputable, and inexpensive. Our fruitful, accurate, and budget-friendly service makes it better than many outdated mailing list validation systems.

Email customer verification is ranked among the highest possible email validation services around, and we are proud of our positive reviews.

Much like its real-time email cleansing system, Email List Validation is known for its advanced email padding validation services. We aim to deliver firms a means for ensuring their clients’ emails reach their customers’ inboxes, instead of going to their spam folders.

With our 6 billion-address database, we can accurately validate any address in our database and match up it against the database, eliminating obsolete email addresses.

Email delivery is a crucial component of any online business owner’s strategy. Email List Validation assists you to maintain compliance with email service provider regulations so that you do not get lost in translation.

Why Choose Email List Validation?

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verify email address

Email List Validation strives to stand out from the pack of competition due to the fact that increasingly concentrates on those having trouble securing financial services that allow startups to develop exciting new ideas. We are a startup that was established not long ago, so we can relate in understand firsthand what our clients are faced with.

Our methods help us stand out among other email data vendors as our website’s software tools sift through billions of email addresses for invalid addresses and incomplete or malformed addresses, among many others. This allows us to help us give our clients’ customers enhanced shopping experiences and help with company growth.

Email List Validation Highlights

email validation integration
email list

Email List Validation enables you to verify that your email addresses are manufactured from trusted sources using sniper-driven precision to instantly purge invalid, catch-all, and spam-trap email addresses. By sorting the three kinds of valid email addresses, invalid email addresses, and catch-all email addresses that are harmful to your sender’s reputation and deliverability, Email List Validation will enable you to remove all that makes the recipient’s world a better place.

If you want to only use your email address to integrate into Email List Validation, or if you would like to streamline the process, we are happy to assist you to use our API-administered validation method directly from your website.

Special features

features email validation
email deliverability
  • 98%+ Higher quality
  • High-volume catch-all email addresses
  • Smarter process regulation and streamlined log-in
  • Easy to use self-service dashboard
  • Real-time verification
  • Guaranteed deliverability
  • Fast processing time
  • Integration with various leading ESPs and CRM platforms.

Email List Validation

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Email List Validation offers a variety of different validation checks including -based data cleansing.

  • Gmail addresses verification.
  • Detects Catch-all emails.
  • Syntax validation.
  • Detects Disposable email.
  • Role-based account validation.
  • Domain verification
  • MX Validation
  • Greylisting.
  • Spam Trap detection.
  • Duplicate email removal.
  • API verification support
  • Monthly 100 free credits.

Email List Validation will help you reach more customers than with Email List Verify email list services.

In order to bypass the annoyance you might experience when your email address is misrouted, you should be careful to take certain steps, such as sending an email and making sure it’s correctly addressed to your target audience.

Your email list has superior efficiency than a standard mailing list. Email List Validation process ranks speed along with accuracy, accepting any size of emails from any source and getting rid of any addressing which are inappropriate or invalid.

Email List Validation is more accurate than other accessible solutions, which will result in more verified, trusted contacts. A major benefit of Email List Validation is the ability of automated email account verification, with fifteen XML integrations with private parties, allowing you to clean up email list data in one place without the need for any special software.

Finding out which mass email verification service will help build your credibility and enhance your deliverability while cleaning your email list accurately can be somewhat challenging. But by utilizing Email List Validation, you can be sure that the benefits this tool provides will ensure you are completely happy.

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